RCC - Petty Experience Program

Apr 04 2018

RCC - Petty Experience Program

April 4th 2018

During the weeks of March 26th and April 3rd, Petty’s Garage welcomed 13 aspiring technicians from Randolph Community College. The RCC students were broken up in two parts – automotive and collision repair.  In order to be eligible for the Petty Experience, students had to maintain an above average GPA within their departments and show a drive for the education.


Upon arrival at Petty’s Garage, the students learned all about the company, what we do here, and our mission. The students were then able to choose between six areas of focus within the garage to spend their week shadowing and learning:

  • OEM Up fitting
  • Restoration Modifications
  • Parts & E-Commerce Management
  • Paint & Body Shop
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Engine Shop

It was completely up to the students to decide where they wanted to spend their time throughout the duration of the program but each department holds value to the garage as a whole. 

The students were congratulated for their commitment by Dr. Shackleford, President of Randolph Community College, and Richard Petty during a company “fried chicken” luncheon. Petty’s Garage is thankful for the partnership with RCC and plans to continue for years ahead in showing future students the ropes of the automotive world.

Above photos by: Sydney Bartholow

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