Petty's Garage Launches Off-Road Division

Forrest Jan 14 2017

Petty's Garage Launches Off-Road Division



LEVEL CROSS, N.C. (January 8, 2016) - Since 2008, Petty's Garage, a high-performance automobile speed shop located on the grounds of the former Petty Enterprises, has been the premier facility for car and truck enthusiasts to restore, modify or purchase their vehicles.  Today, Petty's Garage announces its expansion of an Off-Road Division to maximize any and all off-road machines. 

With a history of over 65 years, Petty's Garage has an unmatched staff in the country. The company has restored, modified and built hundreds of cars, including exclusive specialty builds of 2015 and 2016 Ford GT Mustangs. Under the leadership of owner "The King" Richard Petty, they are expanding into Off-Road vehicles where customers looking for more capabilities and great looks can have a purpose built machine to fulfill their off road dreams.

Petty's Garage, located in Level Cross, N.C., is a premier high-performance automobile shop.
Today, the business announced a new Off-Road Division.

"We have taken a serious look at off-road vehicles for a long time now," stated Jeff Whaley, Chief Operating Officer, of Petty's Garage. "We totally understand how the consumer wants to add performance and modify their off road vehicles. We will apply our same principle's we have used to build the highest quality performance cars to the off road market."

In addition to any customer builds, Petty's Garage is currently in discussion with manufacturers about modifying the latest models to develop unique and one-of-a-kind vehicles. 

"We are in the business of making dreams a reality," continued Whaley. "We are excited about our current discussions with manufacturers to help us launch our Off-Road Division. As we have done with our other specific builds, we know that we can make concept vehicles a reality and deliver superior performance."

Petty himself is also eager to start seeing the off-road builds.

"You can't drive too far without seeing modifications on Jeeps,Trucks and any other off-road vehicle you can imagine. We've always had our own ideas how to modify them, and after our success that we've had with our performance cars, we know that we can deliver the same quality and performance with off-road machines." says Richard Petty.

For more details about Petty's Garage and how to set up an appointment for off-road vehicle needs contact Mike Cormack at  

About Petty's Garage
In June 2008 Petty's Garage, a Level Cross, N.C.-based company, was born to begin restorations on racecar chassis from owner Richard Petty's private collection. Petty's Garage is currently bringing "The King's" winning tradition to a wide variety of high-performance automobiles from production-based Richard Petty Signature Series to custom builds and restorations. Petty's Garage is a high performance speed shop focused on spectacular performance automobiles.

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