Hot Rod Power Tour Makes Stop at Petty’s Garage

Jun 07 2018

Hot Rod Power Tour Makes Stop at Petty’s Garage

LEVEL CROSS, NORTH CAROLINA-We are pleased to inform our friends and patrons that the Hot Rod Power Tour, now in its 24th year, will be making a stop on June 15th at Petty’s Garage for a ‘Petty Lunch’ and a firsthand look at the garage and free entry to the museum. With over 6,000 vehicles participating, the annual Hot Rod Power Tour, is the largest traveling car-show in the world.

Tim Harrison, Transportation Manager of Petty’s Garage said, “we are so excited the Hot Rod Power Tour will be making a stop at Petty’s Garage this year. This will help bring awareness to Richard’s performance garage. These are some of the largest car enthusiasts in the world so it is a great opportunity to have the chance to educate them on what we do here at Petty’s Garage.”


 This year’s Hot Rod Power Tour will include the new Petty’s Garage Hauler, a 53-foot trailer that features a built in TV screen on its side as well as a custom lounge and space to haul three cars. Also on exhibit, complements of Petty’s Garage, will be a 2018 Petty’s Garage PG2 Challenger, 2018 Petty’s Garage R&D Camaro SS, 2018 Petty’s Garage Track King Wide Body Mustang, and a 2018 Ford F-250 Petty’s Garage edition by Kelderman Trucks.


Petty’s Garage is honored to be the official lunch stop for the Hot Rod Power Tour and for the opportunity to showcase our Level Cross hospitality and the Petty’s Garage facilities. 

 About Petty's Garage

Petty's Garage is Richard Petty's high-performance speed shop founded in 2008 as an expansion of his competitive career and ambition to find ways to continue to win on and off the track. Richard Petty has been building hot rods ever since his childhood bicycle wouldn't go fast enough. Performance vehicles or stock cars, Richard Petty's life has been built around producing and driving high quality vehicles. The experts at Petty's Garage have earned the respect of customers and fans that crowned Petty the "King of NASCAR." Our crew can help you start a new project or upgrade your current vehicle.

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